This trip begins at evening, we organise the camel ride for the night in the desert from your accommodation. The trek will start right into the desert for 1:30min, you will spend the night in an equipped camp with drums music in the middle of the Sahara, in our way be sure that you will have a great opportunity of taking a lovely pictures of the sunset, when we arrive at the camp you will walk to the high dunes to see the sunset, this night will be a magical one, the clearness of the sky will helps you to see the shining stars and the moon with intensity. During the first night, a wonderful dinner will served for you around a campfire and spend the night in nomad tents.

The next day after the breakfast we will ride the camels to visit nomad peoples and discover their lifestyle, after relax and lunch with them we will go back to the camp where we will have different activities such as Sandboard and walking around high dunes, also you will visit a oasis into the dunes. Then you walk back to the camp after the sunset. The next morning you will ride the camel back to village after the sunrise where you’ll have the breakfast and shower in the hotel in your accommodation.

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